Ciao'd on the last day of the Obama presidency. Yes, we did. And God willing, yes, we will. 

I’ve always been a worrier so it’s odd that I am not worried about what will transpire tomorrow, January 20th, at noon. I’m concerned/anxious/incredulous, of course, about what a Donald Trump presidency will mean for the world at large and for my own small world here at home in America.  But worry, like regret, is a wasted emotion.

This is not a political diatribe. For all I know, you like the guy. And I like you. So there you have it. We view the world through different lenses. That's what makes America great.  Remember when we learned about the great melting pot in elementary school? That was code for diversity. Our jumble of looks, beliefs, and enthusiasms make a lovely stew.

Can we get real, please? Whatever happens from 20th January on, we're not in control. We're bobbing buoys on the Sea of Trump. We can gather and moan and pray and, of course, march and sign petitions but, at the end of the day, we can only hope that health care, taxes, immigration, free speech and other foundations of this nation sail along smoothly. May I suggest we also whisper a prayer to the universe that our nation - and we - will remain humane.  

I am vexed by the rushing negativity. It mutes the positive and obscures the beauty that’s all around us every day. Regardless of what happens in the far-off land of Washington, DC., our personal lives will flourish and in the simplest, most powerful ways. 

I ran into my friend, Marita, at the market. Her daughter was accepted at Wake Forest. My old friend, Connie, sent me a message via my blog wanting to get in touch (we haven't seen one another in almost 20 years). The robins are back! I counted 12 of them on my lawn last week. My son did well on his exams (important, as you high school junior year parents know). Lacrosse season starts in a few weeks. We're planning our summer holiday, with stops in Boston for my sister's wedding and Connecticut for my niece's. My stepson is marrying his girlfriend of 9 years (!) in July. I'm thinking of reupholstering my sofa. Each evening, my husband and I enjoy a cocktail and talk about our day. Every weekend, there's a new movie to see. Another sideline from which to cheer our son. Another tennis match to win. My sisters and I talk/email/text every day. And as my grandmother would say, we have our health.

 Here’s a simple exercise for when you wake up tomorrow. Be still. Be quiet. And in your mind and heart, fill in the blanks:

1.    At this moment, I am grateful for ____________.
2.   Tomorrow, I am looking forward to ___________.
3.   My intention/prayer for the future is __________. 

The Barnum & Bailey Circus folded its tents for good a few weeks ago. How ironic. President Trump will now be pitching his. Why don't we raise an Americano to the next Greatest Show on Earth? Godspeed. 



Despite its American name, this cocktail skates on Italian ingredients. Word has it, it was created in 1860 at Gaspare Campari in Milan in homage to the Americans who frequented the bar.  Salute!

Serves 1

1 part (1 ounce) Campari
1 part (1 ounce) red (sweet) vermouth
Splash of soda
Lemon peel or orange slice, for garnish

Fill an old-fashioned glass with ice. Pour in the Campari and vermouth. Top with a splash of soda and garnish with a lemon peel or orange slice. Salute!