Ciao'd after collecting acorns

Twine Candle Holders - blog.jpeg

I'm not going to get philosophical about the state of the weather and the temperature of our nation. Instead, I'll celebrate the season. From crimson in the trees to crispness in the wind, autumn ignites the natural world. This season of tailgate picnics and leaves crackling underfoot urges us to recognize time's ephemeral quality and to treasure each moment. Let's indulge in an idyll with our senses each brisk and startling day. No need to make a Herculean effort. Just be open. Here are a few ideas.

Pick apples.
Gather colorful leaves.
Carve a jack o' lantern.
Meander down a country lane.
Make cinnamon toast.
Stack firewood.
Crack walnuts.
Peel a tangerine.
Listen to the wind.
Sip mulled cider.
Root for your favorite football team.
Inhale the aroma of an apple crisp.
Give thanks.

The twine candleholders in the photo are a simple expression of autumn's earthiness. Utilitarian as twine may be, it's quite interesting to look at, too. Collect balls of twine in various sizes and insert dripless candles in the hole in the center of each. Group together on your dining table or line up along your fireplace mantle. 

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